Welcome to Top Pick Maistrali Fresh Fish Tavern!

Shrimps + linguini

Indulge in our seafood dish! Shrimps with linguini make a mouth-watering meal. Enjoy the local flavors.

Fresh fish + soup

Get excited for our Fish Soup! It's a delicious mix of wholesome seafood that'll have your taste buds groovin'!

Seafood + linguini

Experience fresh seafood and linguini pasta with scallops, prawns, and clams in a zesty tomato sauce. Perfectly balanced and delectable.

Shrimps + rice

Try our sustainably sourced shrimp and rice combo! Perfectly seasoned with essential nutrients and loaded with protein. No guilt necessary!

Maistrali Fish Tavern, situated in the picturesque coastal town of Marathopolis, Messinia, is an amazing seafood restaurant. Each dish has a unique taste because it is made from using locally sourced fresh seafood.

If you are a connoisseur of sea food or have just started exploring the delights of this kind of cuisine, then you will definitely like Maistrali Fish Tavern with its variety of mouth-watering dishes. With utmost care and highest quality ingredients used by our chef, succulent grilled octopus and delicious linguine pasta with shrimps are only some examples to mention.

The moment you relax for a while to enjoy the seaside atmosphere; that’s when you realize why every lover of seafood must visit Maistrali Fish Tavern. For anyone who loves fishy foods within this beautiful area called Messinia it’s not just any other tavern one would want to miss out on.

Fresh and Delicious Dining

Come and enjoy yourself with a lovely experience at our fish tavern. Our daily variety of fresh seafood ensures that our meals are an extraordinary taste to please everyone. Dine with us as we have different tastes out there.